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November 7, 2023 2024-01-31 10:48

Intercom alternative for
devTool companies

An In-app Slack with your users

Onboarding selected companies only!

Simple, yet powerful features

Build better relationships with your customers → Unlock customer ❤️

Better B2B Support

Automatic Slack-Connect like channels

Provide better B2B support in an automatically created Slack-Connect like channel with all users of a company.

Boost Collaboration

Bring your team closer to your customers

Interact with your customers as you interact with your teammates in Slack. Similarly, Your customers can also interact with your team. 

In-app Community

Bring your community closer to your product

Run your community within app and let your users interact amongst each other where it matters most.

Connected Knowledge base

Explore in-app help and docs seamlessly

Provide all relevant help docs, and how-tos directly accessible from the product. 

Powerful Admin Features

Understand & Interact with your users better


Powerful analytics around customers interactions and product usage.


A better view of Company level and Individual Users data.


Setup outbound campaigns to reach out users with specific intent and action.

Supporting Industry-wide Use Cases

A Single-platform for your company and your customers.


Faster Onboarding

Onboard customers faster with all stakeholders together in a channel.

Marketing Campaigns

Set up outbound campaigns for users with specific intent and actions.

Better B2B Support

Provide better support to users from same company in a single channel.

Sales Conversations

Initiate Sales conversations directly in Saturn with the right prospects.

Faster Product Feedback

Get direct feedback from your customers on new product features.


Get deeper insights about your power users, and power companies.
Better B2B Support

All-in-one engagement platform for modern devtool companies